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  • What time is check in and check out time?
Check-in start at 15:00. Last check-in time is 22:00.
 Check out start at 10:00.
  • Is there TV in the room?
We have digital TVin each room.
  • Can I connect to Internet?
Wifi is available. (we do not support connection setting)
  • Is there Fridge equipped in each room?
Fridge is not equipped at each room, but fridge with freezer is available at hallway to share with other guests. We can also keep your foods in other fridge in case guest does not want to share.
  • Is there bath in each room?
There is no bathroom in guest room.
There are 2 private baths in our hotel.
  • Is there toilet in each room?
There is no toilet in guest room.
We have 2 toilet, washing area in our hotel.
  • Is there non-smoking room?
This hotel only have non-smoking room, and smoking is prohibited in our hotel.
Smoking area is located in front of the entrance.
  • Is there room for family?
We have twin room with loft space for 4~5 persons.
For guest with infants, we recommend Japanese style room.
  • Is there barrir free room?
We do not have barrir free room.
  • What time is dinner and breakfast?
Dinner starts at 19:00 ~ (Dinner will be prepared all at once, for guest who check in late, dinner might not be available.)
Breakfast starts at 7:30 ~ or 8:00, guest can choose timing.
  • Can we change dinner timing?
19:00 is our dinner serving time, timing cannot be changed.
For guest who book dinner included plan, please check-in by 18:30.
  • What is dinner course menu?
Dinner is about 8 western dishes full course.
Our meal is popular among guests since we cook every dishes thoughtfully.
From appetizer to dessert menu, we serve one by one, following guest`s eating pace, so guest can take their time to eat and relax.
For breakfast, had-made bread is served. It is made by our staff who used to work as home-made bread instructor.
  • What kind of liquor is available?
Wine(From France, Italy, Germany etc)
Sake(Local sake,  Hokkaido Kyogoku), Sapporo classic beer, Shochu (potatoes, Shiso)
Juice (Orange, Grape fruit, Mango, Coke, Ginger ale, Tomato)

  • Can you arrange special meal if I have allergy?  
Please let us know in advance, specific information which ingredient need to be avoided.
We will do our best to arrange menu (Milk, wheat might not be able to changed)
  • Is there kids meal menu?
For elementary school kids, we serve kids dull course dinner (Same menu as adult, with smaller portion each.)
  • Is this bath hot spring?
It is normal bath not hot spring.
  • What is operating hour for private bath?
16:30 ~ 24:00.
For morning, shower only is available in summer, July ~ September (7:00~9:30).
  • Is there hair dryer in private bath room?
Hair dryer is equipped in private bath changing room, and each guestroom.
  • Do we need reservation for private bath?
Reservation is not required. Please use private bath if available and lock the front door.
Once door is locked, lumpat hallway will be on, and other guest can know it`s occupied.
  • Is there parking lot?
There are 10 parking lots in front of hotel entrance.
  • Is there coin operated laundry?
In Skii drying room, there is laundry machine. (300 yen / time) Coin operated laundry is located in Rusutsu resort.  
  • Can we stay with our children?
Guest with children is also welcomed. Price are below.
For children under 1 years old is free of charge.
For children from 1 years old to 4 years old (without meal), we charge 2000 yen as facilitity usage fee. For elementary school children or kids with meals, please inquire us.

  • Can we have hot water for baby`s milk?
Electric pot is equipped in guestroom (Coffee, tea, Japanese tea is available for free, self-service)
  • Can we stay with pet?
We are not able to accept guest with pet.  
  • Please tell me about nearby attraction
3 minutes to Rusutsu resort by car. Theme park in summer, Skiing or snowboarding in winter can be enjoyed. By 5 minutes drive, guest can reach service area 230 Rusutsu, kids can enjoy playground.
  • Is there convenience store nearby?
Seven eleven and Seico mart is located 3 minutes away by car. On foot, it will take 15 minutes.
  • Is there bank and post office nearby?
At seven eleven, there is seven bank ATM. By 10 minutes drive, you can go to Rusutsu city center, there are post office and Hokkai Bank.
  • Is there hot spring nearby
Nearest hot spring is Rusutsu hot spring located 10 minutes  away by car.
By 20 minutes drive, you can also go to Makkari hot spring and Kyogoku hot spring.
  • Is there restaurant nearby?
For night time, all the restaurant close early (around 18:00), so it is recommended to have early dinner if you wish to eat outside (For guest booked room without dinner).
  • Can we use credit card?
We only accept cash for payment.
  • Can we send luggage (Ski, snow board etc) in advance?
We accept guest luggage. Please indicate guest name, date of stay when you send luggage.
Accepted luggage will be kept in ski board drying room.
Clydesdale is also a agent for yamato transport, so guest can send luggage from our hotel. Round trip shipping is also available. Estimate arrival time should be day before your check-in in case of delayed delivery.(It happen often in rural area)

For guests who will not go skiing or snowboarding on arrival day. Sending our pension directly.
Address:    55-15 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura, Abuta-gun, Hokkaidō 048-1711, Japan
To:    Pension Clydesdale  tel:0136-47-2001

For guests who will go skiing or snowboarding on arrival day. Sending luggage to Rusutsu resort directly for your convenience.

Receive luggage besides bus stop and changing room.
Address:      13 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura, , Abuta-gun, Hokkaidō 048-1711
To:      Rusutsu resort hotel north wing 1F transport center
Operating Hour:    8 am ~ 8 pm   Tel:+81-136-46-3331
  • Is there rental service of ski or snow board?
Please make reservation with date, time, your height and shoe size.
Size can be changed on the spot in case it doesn't fit.
Tie up rental shop Rusutsu resort rental shop or Amuse rental
  • Can we check in early so that we can go skiing?
Early check-in is nor available. In case bus arrive early, you can enter hotel, turn right, there`s changing room. You can get changed, pack your luggage and  call our pension. It takes 5,6 minutes to pick up the luggage and we can put your luggage in your room. Guest can enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Check in is from 15:00. Guest can also send luggage direcltly to Rusutsu resort.
  • Can we bring food and drink?
It is not allowed to bring food or drink to restaurant (For dinner)

For anniversary service
Cake or flower (with payment) can be arranged. Please inquire us for the details.
  • For group booking, how many people can stay in this pension?
Twin room with loft (Max 5 persons)×2 rooms
Twin room(Max 2 persons)×2rooms
Japanese room(Max 2 persons)×1room
Additional sofa bed(Max 2 persons) 
Total 18 persons maximum