Meal Information

The taste of Hokkaido cooked thoughtfully by Clydesdale

Neither a first-class chef, nor a luxury restaurant.
However, there are full of thoughts about Hokkaido`s delicious ingredients and customer who eat those.
Hokkaido is a treasure trove of ingredients!
From the ocean, mountain, river, vegetable from the vast land, cow or pig living in large farm.
There are many kind of ingredients, those naturally taste good without any seasonings.  
We will enhance its own flavors with minimum seasoning, to make those more delicious, warm.


Ingredients such as Rusutsu pork and Hokkaido salmon, we uses Rusutsu local production and Hokkaido production as much as possible.

Preparing those ingredients one by one, we take time to cook thoughtfully to make the most of its ingredient.
Using home-made herb as an accent to make those more delicious.

Course dishes are served one by one, warm things warm, cold things cold.
Please enjoy freshly cooked dishes.


For breakfast, we serve home-made bagle and white bread to start your day.
You can also purchase as a souvenir.
These are quite popular among our guests.